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Sep 012011

Location: Pinnacles of Gunung Api, Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia (4� 7′ 55.2? N, 114� 55′ 8.4? E)

Date: 14 November1995; 8.20am

Camera: (analogue) Canon EOS 500N on negatives and scanned

Gunung Api, popularly known as the Pinnacles is situated within the UNESCO heritage site of Gunung Mulu National Park in Sarawak. It is known as Pinnacles due to its striking smooth razor-edged limestone karst formations, resulting from water erosions over the centuries. The mountain itself is not very high- most of the more spectacular pinnacle formations are close to the summit but not necessary to reach the summit itself. However it can be a rather tough ascend up the mountain to enjoy the stunning views. The ascend is steep at various places and is punctuated by ravines caused by the erosion of the limestone structure of the mountain. The Park Rangers had secured metal ladders, laid out flat, connecting the top of limestone pillars to negotiate such ravines. Visitors should be prepared to go on fours while walking on such ladders. Any visitors to the Mulu National Park itself should attempt to spend a few more days to marvel at this wonder and savour the real sense of achievement and adventure on reaching the destination.

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