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May 172011

The Kruger-Mpumalanga-Nelspruit International Airport is a beautiful airport on the outskirts of Nelspruit City and about an hour and a half away from the main gates of the Kruger National Park. You will need to take a flight to this airport especially if Kruger National Park is on your itinerary.

It operates approximately 10 flights per day and has only 1 baggage conveyor belt � but the beauty of this airport blows you away. There are no buses to take you from the aircraft to the terminal and you simply need to walk it up. The staff is very friendly and the airport building is maintained very well. The restrooms are very clean and have baby changers as well. Baggage handling can be an issue at items especially if there are several flights landing at about the same time.

As soon as you have picked your baggage and come out you will get the car rentals � taxis are very expensive and charge 5 times as much. It is recommended that you book a car rental before the trip so as not to be forced to pay the cab fare. I would recommend the choosing Thrifty Cabs as they are cheaper compared to Hertz and Avis. Please do not talk to the touts who are trying to convince you to take a cab.

There are 2 ATMs at the exit which support all Credit and Debit Cards � however one of them was out of currency but that would have been a one off issue. There is no area to shop at Kruger Mpumalanga Nelspruit International Airport, other than one shop which sells pictures and wall hangings. I found that very expensive � so not recommended to buy. There are not many restaurants � the Wimpys on the Upper Level is best and the outer gallery has views of the runway which is very beautiful � it is recommended you take the seat outside.

I think this is one of the most scenic airports I have visited and is a welcome change from the hustle bustle of other airports.

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