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Jul 142011

Galley Gong Bistro closed. I never made it there, but the expat opened bistro will be missed by many readers.
-Popular eatery from Kaohsiung, Bite2Eat, opened up their first Taipei location near Nanjing E. Road. Huge space featuring affordable pasta and pizza and various bites to eat.
-A second branch of Osteria by Angie opening up soon in Dazhi
-Grand opening of new branch of Just In Bistro and Wine Bar at Neo 19, where Mac Grill used to be.
Chili’s opened up a new location on Minsheng E. Road, near L’Idiot
-Saw Doner Kebab at Vieshow Xinyi was gone. Hadn’t eaten there in awhile, but will miss that option.
-Hearing that Baba Kevin BBQ will move from catering/delivery to opening a storefront restaurant location for American BBQ. Exciting!

Happy summer! Anyone else spot anything worth sharing?

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